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Maharashtra male tiger still avoiding capture

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) authorities have issued an advisory to Maharashtra chief wildlife warden (CWLW) to ensure the forest department’s employees’ safety following allegations by activists that the staff was being used as bait to trap an elusive male tiger (RT1).  HT had reported on October 18 that forest staff members have been stationed inside two camouflaged cages that are located 40 metres away from the main trapping area with a calf as bait since October 11. The cages are located under a bridge at compartment 170 near the core Rajura forest area.  Forest officials, who are heading the operation to capture RT1, said they had made progress using the method. “After a gap of almost 16 days, RT1 made its way to the large trapping area under the bridge late at night on Tuesday, where we have kept a calf as bait. The tiger was just a few feet away from entering the makeshift cage, and our staff was ready in their respective cages located 40 m away to trap the animal. However, at the last minute, the elusive tiger decided to make a hasty retreat,” said Arvind Mundhe, deputy conservator of forest (Central Chanda). See below to read more on this report.