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Study group to be set up due to solve human/tiger problems at Chandrapur

Taking cognisance of the rising human-tiger conflict in Chandrapur, the Maharashtra government has set up an 11-member committee to look into options for conservation, relocation of tigers, and suggest measures to reduce conflict.  “Since Chandrapur has the highest number of tigers in the state, the number of conflict cases has increased. As directed by chief minister Uddhav Thackeray, this committee will assess different aspects associated with this conflict such as suspected problem areas...views and suggestions from locals, previous cases and actions taken... [the panel will conduct] in-depth study on the rise in cases this year,” said Minister.  The tiger population in Maharashtra has increased from 103 in 2006 to 168 in 2010, 190 in 2014 and 312 now. Chandrapur is home to 175 of the 312 tigers.  “This year, we have had a difficult time with a very high number of tiger kills,” said Minister. “Rise in conflict maybe because Chandrapur has more than 50% of total tigers in Maharashtra in one district while at the same time almost 45% of the total geographical area is under forest cover with fragmented forest patches interspersed with the agricultural landscape. There is a high tiger dispersal rate into agricultural areas while large numbers of people are dependent on farming as their mainstay. The clash leads to conflict.”  Follow link below to read more.