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Myanmar looking at India for advise in helping to increase tiger numbers

A delegation from Myanmar is spending time in India for advice on increasing tiger numbers in their country. Myanmar has the largest tiger landscape in the world with about 20,000 being home to only about 30 tigers. In an effort to double its tiger population and reach the global target the delegation is seeking advice from India on the best ways forward to succeeding in increasing its tiger numbers.  Among the 13 tiger range countries India has about 60% of the worlds tiger population of around 3,890 wild tigers.  As per the last census in 2014 India had a tiger population of 2,226. Other Asian countries including Bhutan with 103 tigers, Russia 433, Nepal 198, Sumatra 370 and Malaysia 250 with the remaining countries containing either a stable or declining tiger population. More on this subject can be read by following the link below.