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Ranthambhore May 2012

This visit to Ranthambambhore was to be the last time that I was to see and photograph one of my favourite tigress's  known as T.17.  She was one of three female cubs born to Ranthambhore's famous tigress 'Machali' in 2006.  My jeep discretly followed her on a number of ocassions from the lakes to high ground where it became obvious that she was returning to her litter of tiny cubs. The photograph shows this beautiful tigress as she was about to join her well hidden offspring.  In addition I was fortunate to see another tigress known as T.30 as she emerged from her forest cover with her three small cubs to drink and bathe in a nearby water hole.   Some of my photographs from this visit can be seen by following this 'LINK' to the Gallery section of this site