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Ranthambhore May 2015

I arrived for my annual visit to Ranthambhore on the 10 May. This time I was concentrating my efforts on photographing tigress T19, also known as Krishna, together with her three 15 month old cubs.  I was not disappointed; on my first drive around the famous lakes area I found the tigress and cubs having fun in a muddy pool of water.  I was able to see them most days during the 2 weeks spent at the reserve which was wonderful.  Unfortunately, the sightings were tempered on the 16 May with the authorities deciding to move Ustad (T24) from the reserve into a captive area many miles away.  This action was taken because a forest guard lost his life in the park a few days before I arrived – the blame was laid on Ustad although nobody actually saw the tragedy.  There is much discussion over removing a wild tiger from his natal home into captivity.  I personally hope that the decision will be reconsidered and that he will soon be returned to the park where he has lived for the past 9 or 10 years.  Another problem removing this tiger is that he leaves behind two cubs that he sired with tigress T39 (Noor).  Without doubt these cubs are in serious danger as another male tiger will no doubt claim Ustad’s home range. The newcomer will want to remove the cubs in order to bring their mother into oestrus in an effort to sire his own offspring. A small number of photographs from my time at Ranthambhore can be seen by following this LINK.