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Ustad divides opinion in India

In 19 years of reporting on tigers, I have never seen the kind of mass mobilization of people for a tiger like the case of Ustad. Who is Ustad? or T24? Well, now I have to yank you out of your ignorance and no longer shall you know bliss, like those of us on any side of this twisted debate. T24 is a nine-year-old dominant male tiger in the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. On May 8, he was held responsible for the killing of a forest guard named Rampal Saini. In 2012, he had killed another guard and was also held responsible for the deaths of two other people who ventured into his territory.  Since this article was written the High Court in Jaipur have sadly supported the relocation of Ustad to zoo conditions. See link below to read more about Ustad on the NDTV report.