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Shoot to kill order on Maharashtra tiger

Sadly approval has been obtained from India's Supreme Court to shoot to kill a tigress who has 2 cubs in the western State of Maharashtra as it is condidered to be a man-eater. It is thought that tigress T.1 is responsible for the deaths of 13 people of which 3 were killed last August.  However conservationists questioned the evidence that this tigress was responsible for all the deaths which is the reason for the case being considered by the Supreme Court.  The Court decided to accept the evidence of the authorities and allow the tigress to be killed or captured.  Officials also intend to capture a male tiger T.2 although it is not proved that he was responsible for the human deaths.  Conservationists are to appeal to the Governor of the State to protect the tigress who has 2 cubs under her pr otection. I hope that in the circumstances the tigress's life will be spared as so often human/tiger confrontation occurs when people illegally enter a tigers domain to collect firewood or graze cattle.  More on this report can be seen by following the link below.