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Yet another tiger found dead in Madhya Pradesh

A young tiger has been found dead behind a school about 107Km from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve bringing the total death toll in 2017 so far to 23 tigers.   Declared a 'Tiger State' in 1995, Madhya Pradesh achieved the dubious distinction of having the highest number of tiger deaths in 2016 of 33. It accounts for more than a quarter of the 95 tiger deaths across India this year. Maharashtra also has had 23 tiger deaths this year.  Experts say most of the tiger populations in well-established tiger reserves have reached carrying capacity, posing a fresh challenge of dispersals and conflicts. Tigers are either getting killed in territorial fights or moving more than 200km from their place of birth and meeting unnatural deaths, officials say. More on this disturbing report can be seen by following the link to the Times of India.