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Young pair of tigers to be released into the wild

A unique experiment of releasing a 'young couple' of orphaned 'Amur' tigers back into their natural forest home.  The female cub known as 'Lazovka' was found exhausted and cruelly orphaned on the outskirts of a village.  She was sucessfully rescued and brought back to health again. 'Saikham' the 5 month old male was found 1 month later with a serious gunshot injury to his muzzle. He received treatment by the vets and has thankfully made a complete recovery.  The young tigers have been sucessfully raised together learning how to hunt and play and it is intended that within a few days they will be released together back into the wild. The cubs share the same fate in that they both lost their mothers and were injured. Specialists hope once released the pair will remain together as a social group and eventually have cubs of their own. Well done all those involved in this rescue and eventual release.  More on this interesting story can be found by following the link below: