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Alan Rabinowitz biologist; champion and protector of wild cats sadly passes away

>ALAN RABINOWITZ, ONE of the world’s leading experts on wild cats, died of cancer on August 5. He was 64. Rabinowitz stuttered badly as a child, but found fluency when speaking to animals, and ultimately found his voice as a wildlife conservationist.  His death was announced in a statement by Panthera, the organization he co-founded, which is dedicated to the conservation of big cats worldwide.  “The conservation community has lost a legend,” said Fred Launay, the CEO of Panthera, in a statement. “Alan was a fearless and outspoken champion for the conservation of our planet’s iconic wild cats and wild places. As a lifelong voice for the voiceless, he changed the fate of tigers, jaguars, and other at-risk species by placing their protection on the agendas of world leaders from Asia to Latin America for the very first time.”    Rabinowitz was a master problem solver who understood the interrelatedness of wildlife, habitat, and humans.  “He had the ability to think and act big,” said conservation biologist Thomas E. Lovejoy, a former director of the World Wildlife Fund-US program and a National Geographic Fellow.  More on this report can be seen by following the link below to the article on National Geographic.