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Guest Book

Phil Davis on 31st July 2007
Hi Micheal Thanks again for linking websites,superb photos.Look forward to meeting up with you sometime when we are in India at the same time.
Chris Brunskill on 31st July 2007
Hi Mike, site is looking fabulous, really very impressed with your images. June was great and your portrait of the family on the road is one of the best images I have seen...keep up the good work and hope to see Machali and the cubs again soon....Chris Brunskill
Courtney Mullinax on 24th July 2007
Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! What I would do to be able to see the sites as you do!!
M.Page on 9th July 2007
Congratulions on an excellent and informative web site
Matthias on 2nd July 2007
dear michael, great website and awesome photos! keep on the good work, you are pretty much like a window into the wonderful yet far away world of tigers. on 29th June 2007
Great work! Keep up the great work. Good resources here. I will bookmark!
Ken on 28th June 2007
Great pictures of Bandhavgarh I saw my first Tiger there B2.Glad he is doing well.
Lynn Lovitt on 23rd June 2007
I love it! Tigers are Beautiful,words arert enough.I collect nothing but everything that has tigers.Thanks for sharing your wounderful pictures,what a joy!
Ken on 23rd June 2007
Wonderfull pictures I have studying Tigers for 20 years withlots of donations. Saw my fist wild Tiger in Bandhavgarh awwsome.
Sonal on 3rd June 2007
Hi Michael , I am very happy to see the beautiful pictures you've taken . Its the greatest tribute you've paid to Jim Corbett . Pls continue with this passion .
Jacky & Robin on 24th May 2007
Mike, Congratulations, what a wonderful website, your passion for the tiger's shines through. Thank you for sharing this experience. Many more happy treks. Best wishes Jacky & Robin
Debbie on 23rd May 2007
I love your pictures, they tell quite a story! I especially love the ones in Bandhavgarh, Oct. 06, Code #'s 223 thru 228. I laugh everytime I see 228. Keep it up!!
luke j.m.r on 22nd May 2007
wicked website and wicked photos.
Lisa on 21st May 2007
It was definitely worth all the hard work, very impressive photos!
terry jordan on 18th May 2007
Stunning websight.Photographs look so real lifelike.this is certainly a new experience for me
Melanie Shepherd on 15th May 2007
Fantastic website with absolutely stunning photographs of some of the world's most precious and most critically endangered wildlife. Keep up the good work and thanks for your ongoing support of our work.
NIna Fairgrieve on 8th May 2007
Loved the website - so colourful and alive - photographs are excellent!
Heidi on 7th May 2007
The website is stunning and your enthusiasm and passion for Tigers has been supported by the dedicated website and photos. The photos are amazing and I look forward to seeing this continually updated with your future trips. 
Vivek & Rekha Sharma on 6th May 2007
Dear Mike and Annie, Tiger Expeditions appreciate your passion and love for the tigers and its habitat conservation. You are one of the few who really concern for nature conservation. I still remember when we first went to see B-2 on the Sundergaj elephant and lately see the fight between B-2 and Chakradhara male cub. We hope this website will act as an important tool for tiger conservation across the world. Thank you for sharing these rare tiger images with all of us.
Ravindra on 3rd May 2007
Hi Mike, it is excellent work - i wish u more and more sucessful photofraphy in Ranthambhor