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Guest Book

Meher Toorkey on 7th March 2010
Your photographs are wonderful.As a person who is equally besotted about all animals & particularly the big cats, I can only be grateful to you for highlighting their plight to the world. they need all the help they can get!
pravin pathak on 27th February 2010
hi your work is wonderful,great work sir
S. Jones on 21st February 2010
Such a wonderful site, thankyou so much. A wonderful resource of information and images. It has bought back many memories of the beautiful Bandhavgarh park and the tigers that live there. I hope to return one day.
Santosh Saligram on 16th February 2010
Hi Michael, excellent pictures and trip reports. I always appreciate websites that include the stories that are behind the images. I commend your passion for the tiger and wish you the very best for future trips and work! Regards, Santosh
Richa Nara on 5th February 2010
Simply awsome
Corkey Hay DeSimone on 5th February 2010
Michael Vickers work is beautiful and will be part of a children flash mini book on (WWF's Earth Hour children's website.) When developing this book we wanted to be sure that we used only photographs of tigers in the wild. Michael generously allowed us to use his beautiful photographs. In the United Sates there are more tiger in captivity than there are in the wilds of Asia. By using Michael's photographs we insure that no captive tiger was used in this educational on-line book for kids. Please visit and go to the animal section to see this Michaels wonderful works on display. We hope to have the book live next by February 9th 2009. Thank you Michael.
Kshitij Degaonkar on 5th February 2010
Hi... Your website is simply superb. I watched it with great fascination. It was nice to know that you visit our country so many times. Justincredible that you have been into Tiger photography for almost the last 9 years. Keep up the good work!!! Since you have been visiting the tiger reserves for so many years, you must be knowing most of the tigers of BandhavGarh and Ranthambhore quite well. Can you please include a section on information about the different tigers of BandhavGarh and Ranthambhore? Something sort of a family tree and a short description of each individual? That woud be surely be interesting. :) Thanks.
Sumit Chakraborty on 23rd January 2010
your all the photographs tell a, affection and pure passion. i am completely amazed by your work, they are all stunningly beautiful!! thank you for your visit in my contry again and again my friend. we have to save this heavenly animal from the age of the extinction at any cost, and not only this animal....all the remaining forest and their child!!
henry sharp on 19th January 2010
excellent work lets hope money raised can go towards anti poaching patrols
Tricia Holford, The Born Free Foundation on 13th January 2010
What stunning, often spine-tinglingly beautiful photos Mike! And your web site is such a useful campaigning tool, with the latest news on important tiger issues, and supplying contact details of ways we can all help. THANK YOU!
Baskaran on 7th January 2010
Great photos. Feast o the eyes. All of your visits are in the northern India and would like you take sometime to come to South and see the tiger reserves in Western Ghats. On the Christmas day, I was in Bandipur (Karnataka) and sigted a magnificient male tiger and this reserve is one of the well maitained reserves and tigers have a good time, though in the buffer zones, you see human settlement, there are no man-tiger conflicts so far. When you're here, would like to meet up with you
Sanjay K Mallah on 29th December 2009
Thank you for transporting me to a different world. With people like you for inspiration, how can we not turn the clock back?
Varun N Mathur on 19th December 2009
A fantastic collection of photographs. Totally priceless! Do let me know when you travel to India for wildlife photography next would love to meet up.
Kim Greenhouse on 18th December 2009
You have the most beautiful and captivating photos of tigers. Thank you so much for your important contribution. I would love to interview you! It's Rainmaking Time!
David vlaisavljevic on 15th December 2009
Keep up the "FANTASTIC" work you're doing. Please let the rest of us know what we can do to save these GREAT species of tantalizing animals...
John Isaac on 11th December 2009
Michael, What a thrill to go over your tiger images in your website. You are undoubtedly one of the best tiger photographers that I have come across. Keep up the good work. Hope to shoot with you soon in Ranthanbore.
Babette de Jonge on 7th December 2009
With great interest and admiration I watched your photos and read your website. Great work! We have the same passion! Just take a look at my website I will travel to Kenya in March and Ranthambhore in June. can't wait! Keep in touch! Love, Babette
Saran Vaid on 27th November 2009
I deeply appreciate the kind of work you do in the Indian Jungles. Your pictures are amazing and awe inspiring. You have great skills and fantastic eye for wildlife.
SAKTIPADA PANIGRAHI on 19th November 2009
The photograph of the tigress with her very small cub under the belly is amazing.
Corinne Taylor-Smith on 17th November 2009
Hi Michael, great pictures again. Glad that the predicted restrictions on access to the tiger sanctuaries did not stop your visit. Do you have any nesws on the "New Male" (Bamera Male) "Son of B2" from your trip to bandhavgarh? I would love to know how he is doing. Corinne