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Rose Shortland on 3rd December 2010
Thank you for all you do for these precious animals and for an excellent website.
Dattatreya Ghosh on 3rd December 2010
Dear Michael, thanks for accepting me in FB. I am also trying to save these royal cats from extinction.
Rohit Chakrabarti on 28th November 2010
Labour of pure love & dedication for the tiger & its conservation! Excellent work Michael. If you permit me I would like to take your work to the masses - to the various schools, colleges, authorities - so that every Indian, especially the ones trying to protect the tigers take PRIDE in their national treasure! Look forward to connecting with you soon.
Doug Gillies on 26th November 2010
I went to India April 2010 to three tiger parks at Bandhavgarh, Ranthambhore and Kanha. I like your news and campaigning work. Your Prerna Bindra link says it all. We must remain vigilant to ensure ALL aspects of tiger protection are covered following the Tiger Summit this week.
Biju.P.B on 24th November 2010
hi Michael.. You are having a great site about the tigers.. Ur dedication and love for these magnificent animals can clearly be seen through this site.. Keep going.. and best of luck.. regards, Biju
anurag on 16th November 2010
hi, this is probably one of the best site dedicated to Tigers. I am a regular at Ranthambore National Park since 2003 & have witnessed some amazing tiger sightings including that of 'Queen Machli'. God bless Royal Bengal Tigers & may our children be as lucky as us to be able to see tigers in their natural habitat.
Anne on 14th November 2010
Awesome photos. You have captured their magnificence.What can we do to help. I belong and give where I can. I hold the intention for their preservation. Thank you.
Yennifer Hernandez on 13th November 2010
Hi Michael! Thanks to you by accept my friend request on Facebook! Is a pleasure have as a friend! Your work is amazing! Congratulations! The world needs more people like you. I´m a Uruguayan wildlife biologist and I know how hard can be work with wildlife and a third world, because you must fight against so many things to preserve the wildlife, specially in the case of the carnivores! Lot of love from Uruguay, South America!
Prabhu Bhupathiraju. on 13th November 2010
Great website and superb TIGER photographs.I admire your dedication and love for these beautiful cats.I hope the officials concerned with WL conservation will understand their job rightly and do their best to save our beautiful and fragile TIGERS.My God give the strength to continue your good work but I know we need many more Michaels to join hands in this crusade.
Vinu Urs on 9th November 2010
Superb website. Very informative. You are doing a great job. I wish you good luck, Michael!
Nitin Bhardwaj on 2nd November 2010
I appreciate your tremendous and feverish efforts for Tiger Conservation and would love to contribute on any level from the grass root level to whatever you suggest.Keep it up.I shall be a regular visitor to your website.May god bless you.
Shaju Joseph on 28th October 2010
Hi Michael, this site shows your determination and hard work coupled with the love for wild life and the efforts to its preservation. Kudos to your works and all the very best to continue the same !!
Victoria Davis on 25th October 2010
Hi Michael, Your photography is absolutely stunning and this website is a great way to promote conservation and educate people about the current threats Asian tigers face.I hope to be involved in felidae conservation in the future and find it encouraging and inspiring that you got involved in conservation through your photography and meeting the local people. Thank you for your helpful advice.
Naren Malik on 24th October 2010
Dear Micheal you are doing such a great job to save this beautiful creature, I gone through your website your work is just unmatchable and inspirational.We are all with you in justice for jhurjhura and will get succeed one day.
Jenny Richardson on 19th October 2010
A really great website. Having seen tigers in the wild I know just how much patience you need to capture such images. I was saddened to hear about the death of the tigress in Bandhavgarh. The occupants of the vehicle concerned should know better - what makes them think they have a god given right to do such a thing and then seemingly get away with it. There are so many good people in the world working day and night to save these magnificent creatures - when will we learn that they are on the edge of extinction. Out of the two reserves my memory of Bandhavgarh was a good one but now I'm now so sure.
Ziaul Islam Sumon on 18th October 2010
Well, this is India, like my country called Bangladesh. What to say!! Very much corrupted, and God damn bureaucracy. But don't be afried, we still are alive. we will do what ever it takes to save the Tiger. And this is not the end of the story, I promise.
Charm Horsfield on 16th October 2010
This website is well layed out and easy to navigate. There is evrything you need to know about the magnificent tiger. I could quite happily spend all my days looking at tigers and big and small cats so I am biased anyway. Excellent and I will share it with all my friends x
Law Neil Austin on 8th October 2010
This is a very good site and i want to do my bit to save tiger. i am in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. and would like to have some guidance as to what i can do to save this majestic animal who is very close to my heart.
David Laming on 7th October 2010
Mike, Thanks for inviting me to this site would very much appreciate any updates etc.
sonal patil on 5th October 2010
A beautiful website with interesting write up and stunning pictures .You r doing a great work towards tiger conservation . As long as great people like you r there the tigers will live safely .God bless you .