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Guest Book

Neil Norheim on 22nd December 2013
I remember our meeting in Banghavdargh in 2007. What great memories. Thank you for your incredible work. Merry Christmas.
Susan Shipman on 20th December 2013
An amazing, beautiful, captivating, delightful, inspirational and thrilling website. A truly talented photographer who uses his eye, his motivation and his 'love' to capture such wonderful moments of wildlife. Your cousin, Susan x
Belinda Wright on 19th December 2013
Mike, what a magnificent website ! Thank you for caring so much about wild tigers. Belinda
Philip Mansbridge on 19th December 2013
Great website Michael, images look stunning - thanks for all your support helping us at Care for the Wild to save the tigers and for using your stunning images to raise awareness of the issues.
Aline Dobbie on 19th December 2013
Michael your new website is a total delight and doing such good work in tiger conservation. Your photographs are as always stunning and your obvious love of tigers, wildlife and the great wild places is worthy of great respect. Bravo and worth the wait.
Jill Inglis on 19th December 2013
Hi Mike - clearly your new website was worth the wait, it looks fabulous and shows off your talent as a first class photographer beautifully. Can't wait to own a copy of your tiger calendar - 2015 - you must let me know as soon as they are available. Happy new year Jill x
Tricia Holford on 19th December 2013
A ffantastic web site Mike. Stunning photos showing your great sensitivity for the subject, and your Tiger News pages are a very useful resource. Thanks very much! Tricia Holford Co-ordinator, Activate / Rescue Programme Born Free Foundation
Gordon Bramham on 19th December 2013
Hi Mike Glad to see you are still doing great things for the Tigers. I went to Kabini last year, the Tiger photography wasn`t great but the number of sighting were. But overall Kabini was fantastic, saw my first Dhole Pack Lovely site and photography keep up the good work Regards to Annie. Gordon
Russell Cleur on 12th December 2013
Love your description of your trip to the Pantanal and the Iguasu Falls. Have also been reading Tiger News. As there is no mention of Machali, I hope the old girl is doing well. How much longer can she possibly survive with the pressure from other tigers and her declining hunting skills ? At least in this regard, the FD can be commended for the protection that they are giving her. Thanks, Michael.
Polina on 11th December 2013
I want to thank Michael for supporting our PROJECT HELP ORPHANS overwintered 5 cubs at rehabilitation center! Looking forward to his official visit to our center!
Marcia Oppermann Contador on 4th December 2013
Have just visited your fantastic site on tigers and wildlife conservation. Your photos are soooo beautiful ! Have specially loved the Jaguar photos from Pantanal in Brazil. Will be coming back always !
Sally Sanger on 2nd December 2013
Thank you so much for sending my Tiger class the photos-they have inspired some superb art work. They have also helped them to fall in love with tigers and recognise the need to to help protect them. Many, many thanks for your kind support.
Nita on 2nd December 2013
Glad to know that you're safely backā€¦..looking forward to seeing Jaguars!
Russell on 2nd December 2013
What a great shot of that Jaguar in the Pantanal. So too was the Osprey in the Cairngorms. When next to Ranthambhore, Michael, and any news on Machali?
Marianne Nightingale on 2nd December 2013
Stunning photos. Have been privileged to see tigers in India-Kanha, Ranthambhore etc. Am painting huge tiger on leather-have a look:
Roy Packer on 1st December 2013
Some wonderful images coupled with great storytelling. All makes for an interesting and informative website. You are indeed well travelled Mike. Privilege to have meet and travelled with you. Kind regards SHANKA. BABA
Louise Larsson on 17th November 2013
Fantastic pictures of the most beautiful thing in the world! Tigers! Went to India in februari for two weeks Tiger safari. Kaziranga, pench and kahna. Not many tigers left. We did only see tigers in kahna. It was the most fantastic moment in my life. I cant understand why people kill them. Thank you for sharing youre meetings with the tigers. Lovely pictures!
Alice Garland on 22nd June 2013
Your website is beautiful, Mike. You have incredible pictures!
Nita on 22nd June 2013
Absolutely brilliant photos from Bandhavgarh and Ranthambore, as always! Glad to see you've been back to India, but sorry to have missed meeting up. The site looks great! All the best.
Angela carol Robertson on 19th June 2013
The photos are beautiful.I particularly like the ones where they are in a landscape setting.This really shows that they are in the wild.