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Caroline on 12th September 2015
Your website is wonderful so informative & inspiring close up. I love wildlife but tigers have been my favourite since I was a young age. Your photos are stunning to get that close in their natural environment is a dream for most. Keep up the fabulous work your doing, will look forward to visiting back here.
Aaron on 7th September 2015
Awesome photos. Keep up the good work. Aaron
Alma Leaper on 26th August 2015
Amazing images and a superb website . A great read and your dedication to the conservation of these beautiful cats is clear to all. Keep up the good work!
Manuela Kretzinger on 25th August 2015
It is a real pleasure to see your fantastic pictures of nature and wildlife all over the world. I love tigers and by viewing your pictures i feel close to them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing them with us!
Pat Deschamps on 21st August 2015
Thank you so much for sharing your photography online. Amazing! The photo of the two tigers peering up over the river bank caught my eye. I couldn't help being amazed at the size of their paws. Just sheer beauty!! I am envious of your talent and experiences.
Amanda, DSWF ambassador for Wilts & Gloucestershire on 20th August 2015
Photos that leave you speechless!! Such wonderful opportunities to see wildlife where it should be - in the wild!! Hope you continue your excellent work. Great website encouraging others to find out more and get involved.
SHERRI GARRETT on 20th August 2015
I am a big fan of all animals; but tigers are my favorite! Your pictures are beautiful. I wish I could do what you do. I wish that we could save them all and their natural habitats. I will continue to follow your work. Today is the first time I have heard of you. I follow a lot of animal facebook pages and saw you on Panthera. One of these days I hope to get to see one of these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Keep the awesome pics coming. You are a link to the most beautiful animals that most people never get to see up close!
Thorstein Codbiter on 15th August 2015
Beautiful photos of such lovely animals. Great Stuff!
Stella mays on 9th August 2015
Without a doubt the most stunning collection of tiger photos I've ever seen. So wonderful to see these majestic animals where they belong - wild and free. As a wildlife artist with young children I have to visit zoos and wildlife parks for references and of all the captive animals tigers seem the most frustrated..... Thank you Michael for sharing your amazing work, look forward to following your travels and hearing about the wild tigers. Happy travels x
Dawn Lannan on 4th August 2015
This site has some of the most amazing photos f the wild animals, breathtaking. I would love to visit one day...... I live in America and take care of over 200 big cats that were born generations in captivity, most of the big cats come from abusive situations and it is my goal to bring them back healthy and give them a good life.....knowing how much they are respected and loved. Will visit this site often, I have many friends there and know the history of some of the Tigers, since I have followed 7-10 years. I can't say enough how wonderful this page is.......thanks for all you do
Aline Dobbie on 29th July 2015
What beautiful photos of the Pantanal which I have yet to enjoy....lights the fire to go there.
Varpu Kaplas on 24th July 2015
Absolutely fantastic pictures, especially those of my favourite animal, the tiger. The "tigritude" and pure perfection well captured in these photos! A pleasure to see them.
Aline Dobbie on 24th July 2015
I am also so sorry about what seems unfair unjust treatment of this magnifcent tiger. Somehow something is wrong about the whole story....but even I tried to help without success.
Gary Roberts on 8th July 2015
Fantastic photography love to have permission to use some of your photos of Tigers for my paintings Top Notch, Great Website cheers Gaz
Elaine Craven on 6th July 2015
I,m bemused and confused ! How do you recognise if a cat is cheetah or leopard ? African or other ? These pictures are fantastic. I would love my own gallery on my wall at home. Given the state of the world today , am so glad someone is looking out for the animals .
Sarah Vallance on 14th June 2015
Absolutely wonderful photos of the world's most beautiful cat! (You are SO lucky to have seen Machali - I've been to RTR several times and haven't managed to see even a whisker)!
AA VIJAY KUMAR on 12th June 2015
There is no animal more glamorous than the tiger. I am obsessed about tigers. I cannot imagine a world without tigers. You are doing a great job. I envy you because you are able to spend so much time with tigers. I greatly appreciate your work. I hope we can keep all the tigers alive.
Sarah Silverlight on 9th June 2015
Absolutely stunning photos! You bring them to life so splendidly. I do hope to see them in person one day on a visit to India.
caroline roos on 7th June 2015
Awesome photo's thanks for sharing the beautiful photo's
Varpu Kaplas on 27th May 2015
I'm always looking for tiger related pages and now I feel like I hit gold! There is so much information and so many fantastic pictures that I already know I'll be returning to this page over and over again. Needless to say, I added this to my favourites!