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Guest Book

Distant Cousin on 8th April 2014
Stunning, absolutely stunning. The only way to shoot these beautiful creatures.
stephanie evers on 8th April 2014
Awesome, shoot with the camera not a gun. I so wish that more people would think this way, natural beauty captured as you have only solidifies why we must never stop ROARING for the ones who have no voice. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty.
tony on 6th April 2014
i really like this site, very interesting and useful to spead knowledge about tigers, which are one of the most beautiful animals in the world. they need protection and we need the culture of respect for wild-life. wonderful images!!!
Zarina Swarowsky on 6th April 2014
I really really love when I saw your photograph about tigers life's,, they very beautiful and we must save their life. But Michael, I only saw about Indian tigers,,why you just visit to India, not to my country, Indonesia. Indonesia have an endemic tiger, panthera tigris sumatraensis. Like Indian tiger or any tigers in the world, the forest in Sumatra, was lost day by day...cause expantion of Palm oil..I really really worry that someday, Sumatran tiger will lost forever. Can you do something for save the Sumatran tigers life from poachers, illegal trading of skin and a part of tiger body's. Thank you for read this wishes, zee
esther-marie on 5th April 2014
Thank you for the follow on twitter, its a pleasure to follow you back. Seeing you had a website i had to check it out & i'm so glad i did. Your website is just fantastic & very informative (its now bookmarked) & its filled with beautiful photographs. Simply stunning photography. Thank you for sharing your work & raising awareness for tiger conservation. I will pass your site onto family & friends.
Leanne on 5th April 2014
Lovely pics Great website I'll be back :)
Shirley Holman (Wallace) on 3rd April 2014
I can't thank you enough for this fabulous site and the wondrous, awesome photos of this magnificent species. The sight of them touches me in the heart & soul like nothing else can. They MUST be saved!
Louise on 1st April 2014
Beautiful pictures! Thank you for what you do to help tigers!
Jo Ward on 30th March 2014
What a fantastic website filled with stunning photography of wildlife and dedicated to the beautiful tiger. If only more people shared your passion & compassion for these wonderful creatures. Thank you so much for raising awareness of their plight & for your efforts in trying to conserve this magnificent yet gravely endangered species.
Patricia Betty on 27th March 2014
Wonderful animals. They don't deserve the fate meted out at the hands of man kind. I hope they can survive, not so that man may have them in future generations, but because they have as much right to be part of this world and live free from persecution as we do. Brilliant website and breath taking photogrhy. Thank you for all you do to help tigers.
Beverly Drake on 23rd March 2014
Thank you Michael for inviting me to look at your beautiful website. The photography is truly stunning and your passion for the tigers you photograph is inspirational.. I will definitely revisit many times.
Hilary Snowden on 23rd March 2014
Stunning images which show the true majesty of these beautiful creatures. Thank you.
Jane Poretsis on 19th March 2014
It is a pleasure to sign your guest book again Michael. Your website is a beautiful dedication for your passion to wildlife and especially the tiger, your reporting and enormous talent as a photographer. You should do a documentary and more books.
Ioana Botezatu INTERPOL Environmental Security on 18th March 2014
INTERPOL Project Predator poster is probably the most loved communication item within the organisation, and hope as well in the wider international community. Thank you Michael. Your passion helped law enforcement to look nature in the eye.
Melanie Bonaccorsi on 13th March 2014
Your pictures are beautiful. I too grew up with an ever present cat, and fail to see how anyone can not be moved by them in all of their forms! I hope that the world sees your pictures, listens to the tigers plight and does their utmost to put a stop to the potential decline of them, and all wildlife.
Helen Bell on 12th March 2014
Thank you for sharing your amazing photograps and your efforts to save the tiger species.
Vicky Flynn on 17th February 2014
Michael Vickers fabulous generosity allowing the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and TigerTime to use his iconic tiger images to help save the tiger is invaluable. We could not convey the majesty of this amazing cat without his beautiful images.
Louise Bjorknas on 14th February 2014
Wow, what moving photographs you take! You've captured a depth and softness in their eyes that most photographers have not been able to reach. It is as though you are having a conversation. Thank you very much.
Frank Tepedino on 12th February 2014
Awesome website.............
Sylvie Auger on 9th February 2014
Your site is absolutely fantastic ! What a window for big cats. All pictures are very beautiful ! It's a great job !!!