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Fiz on 6th February 2014
I love all types of cats and what you are doing for big cats is vitally important. Thank you for doing it and please continue with it and share your wonderful pictures with those who love them and those who need educating about these marvellous creatures.
Andrew Quinn on 3rd February 2014
Great site and awesome shots, I look forward to watching the site develop. Great work!!!
FAURE Francis on 30th January 2014
Magnificent photos and magnificent site on our planet and these most wonderful inhabitants
Dee DeSantis on 30th January 2014
I enjoyed looking at your stunning photographs, my favorite being the tigers. To see them in their natural habitat must b awe-inspiring. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work and passion.
Sarosh Quereshy on 27th January 2014
Amazing pics love the site, cheers! Sarosh
Marie Sharma on 24th January 2014
Just beautiful... Fantastic website and great pictures ... I have never seen so amazing photos Glad to see you are doing great things for the Tigers Thank you Michael
try me on 21st January 2014
It was a pleasure to look at this beautiful site! The photographs are stunning! I truly admire YOU! I hope you will continue to shoot free-born! Thank's for sharing your wonderful work!
Simonn Hedegs on 16th January 2014
Many stunning photos!
Amy Rose Kathryn on 15th January 2014
Stunning photographs. Thank you for your good work.
Jill Robinson on 13th January 2014
Michael's pictures are profoundly inspiring and disturbing in equal measure. He reflects the lives of tigers as they should be, but reflects the shame of a species that does so much to prevent it. Shame on us , and kudos to Michael for his amazing endeavours to protect this most beautiful apex species in the wild.
Helen Bovill on 11th January 2014
Amazing site with lots of absolutely stunning photos. Keep up the good work!
Celia Nicholls on 8th January 2014
Wow Mike we're so loving your stunning new site. Good for you, your images are dazzling. Thanks for all you do to support Born Free.
Alexander Verbeek on 7th January 2014
Beautifull pictures! Thank you for your commitment to wildlife conservation!
Chiara on 6th January 2014
That's a fantastic web sites, I really enjoyed so much the pics about animals, are really stunning! Keep up with the good work! Thanks Michael to have contacted me! Bless you Chiara xxx
Esther Conway on 6th January 2014
Great new website. Congratulations - it must have take some time. Thank you for the link to 21st Century Tiger. It is much apreciated. Happy New Year. Esther
Russell Cleur on 5th January 2014
Great news of the addition of 3 more cubs in Ranthambhore to the tigress T13. The total number of 49 tigers in the Park is very encouraging. Is this animal related to the great Machli ? And how are the Grand Dame and T19 doing ?. Thanks Michael!
Karen Wendl on 5th January 2014
Thank you for the stunning, beautiful photos of these magnificent tigers!! Whether someone believes in god, the creator, or whomever, tigers are such a wonderful gift to our planet Earth. They should be revered and protected. . I just earlier read most of the New Year report from Cee4life. Extremely sad,tragic and horrific that these Bengal Tigers were killed purely out of greed, for profit!!! Firstly that 'wildlife biologist', who wanted to have that old, injured tiger killed, must be relieved of his position. When those who act in the guise of helping the tigers are corrupt, then they must go. Then there will be hope for the Indian Bengal Tiger!
nisha bhasin on 5th January 2014
love all the pictures and thankyou for sharing the magnificent shots..xox nisha
Sheila on 24th December 2013
Thanks for sharing your amazing shots of these beautiful animals that roam freely in the wild where they belong.
Nita on 23rd December 2013
Congratulations on the new site.....very well designed and easy to navigate, with all the interesting features of the previous site, as well as some new ones like "Iconic tiger". All the best.