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julie hodges on 4th August 2014
Thanks for sharing these beautiful images of Tigers in their natural environment. Tigers should always be free like this. Poaching & the Chinese medicine trade in animal parts has to stopped somehow.
Alan Matthews on 3rd August 2014
Great website, Very interesting, well written articles and brilliant photography. More people need to see it! Well done for all you do for tigers!
Betty Workman on 20th July 2014
Such majestic creatures. Just love the photos
Casey Jones on 16th July 2014
What gorgeous pictures of my favorite big cat, the Tiger. The other photos are amazing too. I love them all & can't wait to see more :)
Rajashree Khalap on 16th July 2014
Brilliant tiger moments, specially the profile portrait and the tiger stretching. I particularly loved the puffins as that's a species I really want to see some day.
Caris on 15th July 2014
A tiger is the most beautiful animal on the face of the earth. So majestic. Your photos capture their beauty. Thank you for all you do for them, and thank you for sharring them with us.
Rachael Turner on 7th July 2014
I am amazed at the intimate moments you have captured they are truly breathtaking! You have inspired me to get out there my myself and discover the magic of India ! Thanks
Tera Jones on 6th July 2014
Oh, what beautiful photos. Lovely site, easy to to get around, and informative. Thank you!
Cheryl Russell on 19th June 2014
Your photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing them! Always a pleasure to meet others who have a passion for tigers!
Jane Beardmore on 12th June 2014
I could never tire of looking at photographs of what I consider to be the most beautiful creature on earth and yours are quite simply breathtaking. I've never been to India, for me to get to see a tiger in the wild would be the ultimate privilege. Seeing your work takes me there - in my mind! I look forward to seeing the results of your forthcoming journeys, Best wishes, Jane.
Kaye Smith on 12th June 2014
Hi Mike, I love your photos. They capture the incredible beauty of these wonderful animals. I just hope they're not going to be lost forever.
Ann Jones on 5th June 2014
Absolutely stunning photography. My fear is that in the not too distant future that is all we will have to remember these iconic animals.
DOMINIC JONES on 4th June 2014
Hi Michael, love your work. Beautiful photo's. Dominic
Jagdish Pepalla on 30th May 2014
Dear Micheal, It was immense pleasure in sharing the train journey from Delhi to Sawai Madhavpur and know your passion for these incredible cats. It was great going through amazing photographs captured of the tigers in various subtle moods. I take great comfort from the fact, that you are a true champion focussed on the conservation of these magnificent cats, for the future generations to marvel. I wish you the very best, and many long years of pursuing your passion. Many Thanks.
parag joshi on 30th May 2014
Hi , I discovered your web-site through Jagdish Pepalla who was with you in the train journey from Delhi to S.Madhopur for your recent visit to Ranthambore. Amazing pictures ! Tiger , in my opinion , is the most regal of all cats , and your photographs have captured that impressively . Will keep returning to your website to see tigers !
Ed and Deb Baldoni on 24th May 2014
Very nice photos. You are very talented. And thank you for being a strong advocate for our regal friends.
Sharon Wardle on 22nd May 2014
Hi Michael, I love your new photos from your recent trip to Kahna & Ranthambhore, especially your photo of Satras orphaned sub adult cubs (T74 & T75 I think are there ID codes). The Forest Department have done a great job ensuring their survival after the tragic loss of their Mum Satra (T17). I'm shocked to read in your tiger news that those in charge are planning to do with Machali after her death. I totally agree with you that their plans are appalling! Machali is an icon who deserves to be treated with dignity & respect and when her time comes, she should be laid to rest in peace. They could honour her life & legacy with a plaque or something which people could visit to remember her & pay their respect if they wanted to. Good luck on your next trip to Rhanthambhore, hope you're lucky enough to get some incredible photos of Unnis (T19) and her new cubs. Thank you for all you do to help raise awareness of the plight of wild tigers.
Carmen Rivero on 20th May 2014
Michael Vickers, I loved your work. Your website is a leader in the conservation of the wild tiger population. The testimony of Dr. Ullas Karanth K - WSC-India says it all. Thank you very much.
Catherine B on 17th May 2014
Hi Michael, thank you for your incredible work. It's wonderful to meet others with a passion for wild tiger conservation and great respect for these magnificent creatures. You are a true champion of the cause and through your spectacular images, are undoubtedly working wonders in raising awareness of the plight of these beautiful big cats.
Rudolph.A.Furtado on 17th May 2014
Michael you have have created a wonderful educative wild-life and conservation awareness site. I saw a tiger in the wild for the first time at the Moharli range of the "Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve" and was floored by the sight.Just majestic and beautiful. Your updated information is of great benifit to conservationists and tiger enthusiasts. Keep up the good work and wishing you all the best in your passion for tiger trekking and photography.