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Pam Graves on 16th June 2013
OMG These photos are fantastic they are so beautiful went and saw the exhibition in town absolutly awesome.
Nelleke Schuringa on 11th June 2013
Hello Michael,love the website and save the tiger!!!
Debera on 29th May 2013
Absolutely breath taking!
Dev Dipankar on 18th May 2013
Excellent work Sir, your photographs and passion is truly inspiring and I believe it will motivate everyone for the conservation of the last remaining tigers of India.
Mike Watson on 24th March 2013
Hi Michael, love the website! It was great to meet you in Bandhavgarh and thanks a lot for your latest news and advice. Take care and speak again soon, Mike
John Emerton on 22nd March 2013
It was great to meet with you, and I sure that Madeleine,Nigel, Paule Deb, also enjoyed our meeting, Hope that you can join is next year to Sunderban and Karizanga. Regards, John Wonderful photos
Glenda on 21st March 2013
Just beautiful! Thank you for such beautiful images of Tiger and Nature, for your passion to save them and inspire us to never give up .. Thank you
Vipin Sharma on 17th March 2013
Hey Mike , It was indeed nice meeting you in Bandhavgarh in Feb-13 , you have an excellent gallery,good to see your passion towards tigers in India.Looking forward to see you in Ranthambore.
mary mckearney on 12th March 2013
absolutely fabulous!
Russell on 10th March 2013
Hi Michael, Great to see that you have returned back to Infia. The photos from your latest trip to Bandavgarh are great, and it is good to know that the tigers are thriving. When are you next going to Ranthambhore ? Any news of Machali, and T17 and her cubs?
Paige Chapman on 27th February 2013
Hello GD! I am showing my friends your website for our English work and they all think it is GREAT! from N1!
Laurent Marcos on 16th January 2013
Dear Michael Thank you very much for your amazing pictures. I look forward to see the pictures you will take during your next trip in India. Congratulations !!
Tony Hirt on 15th January 2013
Hi Michael a great collection of images of the worlds most iconic big cat and thanks for your help with my question
Shireen Akl on 4th January 2013
Dear Michael : congratulations for a wonderful artistic work . I wish I can join you in one of your trips
melina romero on 29th December 2012
michael the design of the page is great!!! i love all the pics that shows your pasion, thanks for love them!!! we need to save them
Donna Reynolds - Cee4life on 29th December 2012
Oh my goodness, makes me want to fight for these magical creatures even more! Thankyou xx
Athena Kally on 19th December 2012
I am blown away by your beautiful pictures, your passion shines through your lense. You have captured them brilliantly.
Ashley Vincent on 15th December 2012
Love your beautiful images and your apparent passion Michael, keep up the great work my friend :^)
Shelley Myke on 8th December 2012
Your photography is truly a delight to the eyes Michael. While your commitment to educate, advocate and support conservation efforts for this magnificent species truly warms the heart. People such as yourself are so vital as you give a voice to those that can not speak for themselves. One can not help but be moved by the intelligence, beauty and spirit of these magnificent beings.Thank you for sharing your passion, interest and are truly using your gifts!
MOHAN THOMAS on 5th November 2012
Your pictures are awesome and your work commendable. Your works will go a long way in saving our tigers.