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Anirudh Chaoji on 3rd October 2010
Dear Michael, Bandhavgad was a disaster waiting to happen. What makes this National Park different from others is that there is mobile phone coverage inside the park. Once a Safari driver sights a tiger, he immediately calls up / messages his friends, who could be on the other side of the park.... Then it is a Jungle Rally - with drivers reaching 40 - 50 kmph on the dirt tracks of the park... ridiculous. They could maim/ injure/ even kill animals during this madness. Forest department has banned using mobile phones inside the Park - but the drivers unscrupulously carry their phones to provide their clients "good sightings" Really nice to see your concern for the tigers and their habitat. Lets be in touch. Ani
Atul Dhamankar on 1st October 2010
Excellent site. Ultimate tiger images. keep it up.
moggy westfall on 27th September 2010
I hope that the people who committed the senseless murder of the tigress are brought to justice, This cannot go unpunished.
Russell Cleur on 26th September 2010
Hi Michael Your report on your visit to see the great bears of Alaska was wonderful, But, please give us more news on the Tigers . I am particularly interested about the progress of the investigation into the death of the Jhurjura tigress, and ofcourse any more news on Machali would be exciting. Keep up the good work.
Kari on 23rd September 2010
What a great website! Gorgeous pictures of these beautiful, amazing creatures! Thank you!
Sharlene on 23rd September 2010
Hi Michael, I met you in Bhandavgarh in May 2009. I have only just visited your website in depth and want to congratulate you on your dedication to saving our beloved tigers. Your photos are amazing but your commitment to the tiger is very evident. Thank you for the important links to tiger news and conservation. Thank you also for keeping JhuJhu's memory alive. I have written to the CM requesting a CBI investigation. What happened with her is unbelieveable and brings tears to my eyes. That picture of her dead in the hammock was just too much to bear. This is such a crime and needs to be punished severely. Keep up the good work.
Isabel P. on 16th September 2010
Hello! I am so glad that I got to know this site today trough Michael. I adore tigers, they have the right to live safe, their populations need to grow before is too late. You have in me an unconditional Tiger advocate. Love the pictures and reports
Sachet . Khandeshwar on 15th September 2010
Hi sir, Your site is awsome . Your photographs are very cool. I am realy inspired from your work. If you will allow me i want to join your work in saveing tiger. Keep work like that.
Margaret Tabner on 14th September 2010
Wonderful website thanks for keeping us upto date on whats happening to the Tigers. And your photographs are wonderful I know how difficult it is to get the right picture especially without any leaves or grass in front of them. Keep up the good work
Wendy Carpenter on 7th September 2010
Fantastic photography Michael, most enjoyable.
Neha Sarin on 12th August 2010
With many of the wildlife species on their way out and the world is at the brink of an irreversible ecological down slide... it is comforting to see your hard work and website "Tigers in the Forest" reflecting your contribution ...infact the website content is more force full to let people and visitors think for conservation of tigers and for better and better....It is like a ray of sunshine... My congratulations to you and to your contributions which help in saving all that can make this earth beautiful and full of life. Best wishes & Regards, Neha Sarin
Shreewardhan D on 11th August 2010
Superb pictures!!! Good to know someone like you sir,whose passion and dedication towards tiger conservation is giving tiger a chance!!! Cheers!!!
Deepak Talan on 10th August 2010
I thoroughly enjoyed your work shown on your beautiful website. Your pictures reflect your passion for wildlife, specially tiger.
Aline Dobbie on 8th August 2010
I just love this website and it fills me with cheer; we must keep working to secure the tigers of India for the future. Well Done
Mani on 8th August 2010
Hi Mike, your work truly speak in itself. Amazing clicks at amazingly right moments...Great work.....When are you visiting India next let me know.
Shraddha on 8th August 2010
Its a great pleasure and honour to see the`immense` passion for all the work that you have put together.Its indeed very sad about the Jhurjhura tigress murder case.In a country like india where `corruption` seems to be the `democratic right` of our so called `rulers` of `politics`..i just hope that justice delayed and not denied...especially at a time when there is so much awareness being created about this cause....!!
Varun Thakkar on 5th August 2010
Hats off to your lovely work towards the nature and the tiger. Nicely updated web site. Got some really good news from this site which, me being in india itself didn't know. Thank you so much sir. I have already added your web site as a book mark.
Jane Popham on 3rd August 2010
Fantastic shots. Amazing info and updates regarding the MAJESTIC Beast.
NICOLA DE GIUSEPPE on 3rd August 2010
Peter Weir on 2nd August 2010
Hi Michael, I am glad to see that someone is willing to speak out for such a proud, graceful feline i am very sorry to see that some person(S) can harm such an animal.