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Russell Cleur on 13th November 2009
Hi Michael, What a great photo of that male tiger from your most recent visit to India. It is a pity that you were unable to see any tigers from your visit to Pench , maybe on your next visit you will see some of the tigers. Any news from Ranthambhore of the tigers there, especially Machali ?
Sherry Snider on 11th November 2009
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...
Debbie Congdon on 9th November 2009
Hi Michael! Glad you are back and thank you so much for the wonderful pictures of the big cats. You do a great job, each picture such a work of art. Glad you can go and bring these back to the rest of us.
Paul Fritche on 25th October 2009
Michael, The website and pictures are fantastic! It must have taken years of dedication and patient tracking to accumulate such a collection of pictures. A wonerful tribute to a beautiful animal.
alan nicholls on 2nd September 2009
I admire all the work you do to preserve such a wonderful creature. Thankyou for your time and knowledge, it has been highly appreciated.
Russell Cleur on 1st September 2009
Hi Michael, So sorry to hear the latest news from Bandavgarh about the death of this tigress. Lets hope that her cubs live to carry on her bloodline. Any more news from Ranthambhore about Machali? Hope all is well with you.
SAPTA RISHI SAIGAL on 16th August 2009
greatful on 7th August 2009
Thank you so very much!I found the website very informative.I am planning a tupperware party to collect money for a nice donation.These wonderful beasts need all of the help they can get.Great Job!!
Innovator on 27th July 2009
Hey Mike this site shows your love and dedication to the animals. Hats off to youAs the tigers and other animals are at the edge of getting extinct, this site is very valuable for the information they are providing. We have to safe the wildlife.
Vikas Agrawal on 23rd July 2009
Hey Michal, Thanks for the reply and information. It is really very helpful. You have a wonderful website with valuable information and pictures for conservation. It's really a big help. Thanks
Shard kumar Sharma on 23rd July 2009
Hi Michael, i think you are perfect hunter for wild animals on the matter photography. You have done great job for wild life. Thank you very much.
Danielle on 15th July 2009
i have lived tigers all my life!! they r magnificent and beautiful creatures!!! iYOU R A GOD SENT to these helpless animals!! There should be more people like you in this world that care!!!!!
Gary Hodgkinson (scooter) on 23rd June 2009
Hi Michael, What a fantastic job you do to help these magnificent animals, you should be very proud of what you do. They need our help to make it. Keep up the great work that is easy to see you enjoy.
Russell Cleur on 20th June 2009
Hi Michael, Your news from Bandhavgarh was very interesting and your photos as usual were superb. What about publishing a book with the photos taken from your several visits to India. Good Luck with your visit to Svalbard . Russell
Anthony Mc Cann on 22nd May 2009
Hi Michael Just wanting to wish you good old Irish luck with all your hard work.
John Mercer on 18th May 2009
you obvisously have an artistic eye for these beautiful creatures, it is a real joy to find someone who has a passion for them as much as me.
FreeSpiritRunning on 13th May 2009
I believe that you have captured the true essence of the beauty of BIG CATS. I thank you kindly for sharing your photos with us all to enjoy. You have a talent for this my man. Peace is yours, FreeSpiritRunning...xxxooo
Cheryl Ritson on 13th May 2009
Thank you for sharing your pictures of these beautiful cats. I love tigers and was please to find this website.
Amanda Ferreira on 11th May 2009
Hello, i don't know if you remember me but i wrote acouple months ago, im the 14 year old obssed with these beautiful creatures, i go everyday thinkng about how right now thers some stupid people trying to kill tigers, i know im too young but is there anything that i can do to help?? i want to grow up and help save these creatures, but what if im too late, i feel like i have to start now, i dont know what i can do being on the other side of the world but theres gotta be something, i love tigers, good luck with all you doo, your greatly admired, and if tigers could speak i think they'de have alot to thank you for.
Corinne Taylor-Smith on 8th May 2009
Hi Michael I am very sorry to see so much tragic news on your website from Ranthambhore and Bandhavgarh. david and I have just returned from the latter and were in fact there at the time when they found the dead cub, it was tragedy indeed and I understand that the jeep driver has been imprisoned until 11 May 2009 for his part in the accident. On a more promising note, we did see the "new male" in the Tala region and he is none other than the grown up cub from the Chakradhara female's previous litter which we photographed so much in 2007. It seems that the tigress recently moved to Panna was his "mate" and now he is pushing back into the range of his father B2 in order to find a new female. The Siddhababa tigress now limps and has not produced cubs from the last few matings, she is the only other tigress in the current tala range of the new male, which also overlaps with the southern part of the Kitaulhi range. He is now a fine and confident tiger and it seems only a matter of time before he is the new king of Bandhavgarh. We shall certainly go back to follow his progress as no doubt you will too. Hope that there will be more good news for the tigers from your next visit. Take care. Corinne and David