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Krishan Patel on 8th December 2007
Hi I think ur pics are amazing. It's such a shame the the tiger is being killed off.
Anthony James on 21st November 2007
Hi Michael, It was great to meet you in Bandhavgarh in October, particularly as wherever you were the tigers were! We look forward to seeing more of your pictures. Anthony James and Julie Kite
Debbie Banks on 10th November 2007
Mike, you really have captured the beauty and essence of the wild tiger. I hope these images mesmerise and inspire future generations to take up the tiger's cause. Happy Diwali!
Geri Ann on 7th November 2007
Incredibly beautiful photos! Your work truly captures how majestic these animals are.
Neil Norheim on 7th November 2007
Michael, your work is stunning and enjoyable. We were privileged to be with you in October this year and found our visit to be most cordial. Thank you for your diligent and par excellent work! Our very brief siting is enhanced by your photos and our memory of our meeting. Thank you.
James on 5th November 2007
Absolutely brilliant photographs. What a magnificent cat the tiger is - beautiful, graceful, playful yet ferocious - you've managed to capture all these different attributes in your photos
Kulwant Singh. on 5th November 2007
Brilliant Pictures, I admire the time , energy and effort you have given to Tigers , I particularly admire the Ranthambhore photographs.Machli and her cubs are magnificent.Very good work.Keep Clicking.
Rajendra Sharma on 1st November 2007
Dear Mike I have gone through your website and I can only comment that the work you did is really appreciable and marvelous. I am admire to the vision you have to save the wildlife, environment and ultimately this beautiful planet from the selfish inhabitants i.e. Homo sapiens.
Jane Cockain on 31st October 2007
Mike, you really can take pictures! They are fantastic. Keep up the good work.
Carrie on 28th October 2007
You have the best job in the world. I WISH I could physically be there to help. I SO love these animals! They are the most beautiful animals!
Sachin Temkar on 26th October 2007
You have done a Great thing, cathing the wild life in their moods. You got a nice frame of all them.
Eileen on 25th September 2007
Absolutely fabulous pictures.Thye are the most majestic looking animals on the planet you are so lucky to be able to photograph them wish it was me keep up the good work
Tammy Meyer on 22nd September 2007
I do so envy you see these magnificent animals in their native territory. Someday my goal in the future is to do the same. Wonderful breathtaking photos.
Mary-Ann on 10th September 2007
These are exquisite photos of these magnificent cats! Absolutely fabulous!
Patrick & Jane on 8th September 2007
Spent a few days in 2006 in Ranthambhore - but didn't see a single tiger, which illustrates the plight of them. Great to see them by proxy via your fine photographs!
Diana Sant Angelo on 8th September 2007
The photos are vibrant and lumnious in their quality. I cant wait to see a tiger when I go to india in october. thank you for sharing your experiences with me in the visa queue! kind regards
H. Rajagopal on 6th September 2007
Fantastic Pictures and fabulous write up. Deserve to be preserved for the future, lest the coming generations may not know what a tiger is.
Nigel Everett on 4th September 2007
Congratulations Mike on a fabulous website. I enjoyed hearing your Tiger safari stories which has made the viewing of your site that much more enjoyable. Best wishes Nigel
Sandip Chaudhuri on 31st August 2007
Hi Mike super pictures. Terrific may your 'tigerpasssion' continue enabling us safe this magnificent animal. Really enjoyed the new Machali family...may they prosper. My favourite of course remains B2 fighting his son wonder who will remain be in charge of the Chakradhara medow when you return in let us know. Do continue uploading...Regards. Sandip
Uday Patel on 23rd August 2007
How the enthu for tiger conservation has spread wide. All nature photographers are conservationists. I am a freelance nature guide to Central Indian Tiger Reserves