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Guest Book

Angela Thomas on 6th January 2009
Fantastic web site keep up the good work in bringing the Bengal Tigers into peoples lives.
Jane Steele on 5th January 2009
Hi Michael, Like you I have supported EIA for many years. I think it's great you have dedicated so much time and effort to such a worthy cause "Saving the Tiger". Further more you have created this fabulous user friendly web site giving tiger/animal lovers a greater chance to see them in their own habitat, your photo gallery is fabulous with a huge variety of stunning photos of this magnificent and majestic big cat. Anyone looking for an original gift should definitely buy one of your very reasonably priced photos. If that's not enough you continually take the time to update and inform readers of individual tigers and the different tiger reserves, which I personally find very interesting. Finally I would just like to say a big thank you for all your time and help regarding my own project, you are a very kind and sincere man. Kind regards Jane Steele
kim fretwell on 22nd December 2008
your site is magnificent its beautiful all of your tiger photographs are amazing. well done
Russell Cleur on 25th November 2008
Your portraits of these magnificent animals are absolutely stunning and encapsulate all that this wonderful animal is all about.
Phil Davis on 21st November 2008
Mike Mike Great photos of Sundar,looking forward to seeing him and others next week.
Sonal Balsaver on 13th November 2008
Hi Michael , These are indeed stunning pictures of God's most beautiful & magnificent creation . Your site is just amazing and a treat for all Tiger lovers ; Indeed A Great tribute to Sir Jim Corbett.
Malcolm E Yull on 11th November 2008
Thank you so much for the chance to look at your work again; your talent / gift is fantastic (as is your "luck" (or is this talent again ?) etc of being in the right place at the right time !) They are such beautiful creatures, keep up the good work & let's hope it all leads to a successful outcome for you and them in the very near future.
Gopinath Kumsi on 11th November 2008
Hi Michael, Tiger photos are really amazing one I like it too much Thanks & Regards Gopinath
Greg Morgan on 11th November 2008
Beautiful photographs of a beautiful animal Michael, these pictures of bengal tigers are inspiring! Thanks again for your advice about arrnging my own trip to Bandhavgarh
Jill Sida on 11th November 2008
Thank you for all your advice on planning a trip to see our beautiful tigers! It has changed my life and I can't wait to go back again in March! Keep clicking, one can never have enough pictures of the Royal Bengals!
Lisa Roberts on 10th November 2008
Mike The new photos just add to an awesome galley. I do not thik you could find an better tiger pictures on the net. Amazing! Lisa
Tony Proud on 9th November 2008
Michael, sincere thanks for the beautiful tiger pictures and the advice on visiting Bandhavgarh you so kindly provided. Your website is awesome your pictures are absolutely breathtaking and your subjects so very precious.Your passion for the Bengal Tiger is unrivalled. Our very best wishes for the future. Tony & Sheila
Neil Norheim on 9th November 2008
What a privilege it is to renew our acquaintance again through your recent work. We still cherish our meeting in october of 2007.
Rajagopal on 9th November 2008
Wonderful work. This website must be shown in all schools. Let the coming generation know what they will lose if they do not wake up.
Shonali on 8th November 2008
Absolutely beautiful pictures !!!! I love them all!
Paul on 8th November 2008
Some beautiful pictures thanks for the business card. Paul the UPS driver
tina shoemaker on 7th November 2008
this site is beautiful.
Jacky & Robin on 7th November 2008
Well Mike, what can we say, fantastic website and some beautiful pictures. It would be very difficult to select a favourite as they are all so captivating. Love and best wishes.
Uday Patel on 7th November 2008
Great Effort! Great Images.
June Miller on 7th November 2008
Thanks for the invitation to see the latest additions to this site. As usual the photos are outstanding! I think it would be better if your links would open up in a new web page so that I don't have to leave your site, because I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!