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MIchelle on 6th May 2009
i think these are abosluetly the best pics i have seen. You catch the beauty and gentleness without the ready-to-kill attittude everybody thinks they have. I love them and think you should keep taking them!!!
Mariela on 3rd May 2009
I see your pics and I think that they are beatiful. You are fabulous photographer. I always dream to do your work. It´s lovely. i hope this photos teach a people nobility and they dicide protect them. sincerely incredible and amazing work.
Mike Curtis on 30th April 2009
Firstly, I recently purchased the wonderful image of Machali that adorns your frontpage. It now has pride of place on my living room wall. Sites like yours serve as an important source of information about the state of some of India's tiger reserves and highlight the challenges facing the tiger (arguably the most magnificent animal on the planet). Keep up the good work. On a personal note I'm off to Ranthambhore toward the end of may, hopefully to see Machali and some of her kind.
Taylor on 30th April 2009
Your website is amazing and fun to go to. The tiger is my favorite animal.
Anna Sinclair on 16th April 2009
A lovely website with beautiful pictures of gorgeous tigers. They are my favourite animal. Your dedication and photos makes people aware that these wonderful animals are a treasure to be preserved and protected for generations to come. Keep up the good work. One day I hope to visit this tiger reserve to see a wild tiger for myself.
Aidan Dolan on 15th April 2009
Hey Michael, Great site and wonderful pictures. Thanks for the advice as to where and when to see tigers in India. Keep up the good work! Aidan
Russell Cleur on 13th April 2009
HiMichael, I have been eagerly looking forward to your latest reports from India, and as usual you did not disappoint. The news about the Berda female was sad and I hope that her cubs will thrive and produce cubs of their own. More exciting was the news about Machali. I hope that your next postings of photos in your photo gallery will have some more shots of her. Has she delivered another litter? What is the state of play about tiger numbers in Ranthambhore? Thank you again for your very descriptive prose about your trip. Can't wait for more news. Cheers Russell
Corinne Taylor-Smith on 16th March 2009
Save the Tiger- I couldn't agree more with your comments about the recent tiger transfer from Bandhavgarh to Panna, Michael. This cannot be allowed to continue without appropriate controls.
Laureeeen :) on 7th March 2009
I love Tigers! I think they are the most beautiful creature in the world. I totally agree with what you are doing and I think you are amazing people for doing it. SAVE THE TIGERS!!
claretha theresa johnson on 7th March 2009
what a beautiful thing you do for the world!
Kirstin on 20th February 2009
I've been writing a journal to leave to my granchildren, along with a family tree. In my journal, as well as day to day facts are my fears for our planet & the extinction of so many species. Your web site offers encouragement for the future... keep up the good work.
Sharath on 10th February 2009
Hey Michael Great work, would love to see some tigers from the southern part of india.
Elaine Robinson on 9th February 2009
Sheila & Tony on 8th February 2009
Hey Mike, we are off to Bandhavgarh in March see your lovely tigers once more. And guess what, we have now framed and are about to hang the beautiful pictures of the Siddhababa/Chorbera sub adult male which we selected from your gallery. We have such fond memories of this beautiful tiger now sadly removed from the forest and caged in Bhopal Zoo.Take care, keep up your wonderful work. Sheila & Tony
kandace duncan on 2nd February 2009
I just love your pictures. Tigers are my favorite animals and your pics are so awesome and beautiful. I print some out and hang in my room,because I have a tiger comforter bed sheets to match. Keep up the great work!
Harry Atthews on 23rd January 2009
Many Thanks for the information you kindly provided. This will help me lots with my coursework and studies. Your dedication to the tiger is a real pleasure to see, and some of the photos you have gathered are fantastic! Once again many thanks and all the best for the future.
Ramachandran on 18th January 2009
I respect your dedication as much as I respect Jim Corbett, Valmik Thapar and many others. Magnificent images of nature's ultimate beauty. I was a researcher in the recently conducted 'Camera Trapping of Tigers' by National Tiger Conservation Authority of India. I had been in tiger jungles of Mudumalai, Nagarhole and Periyar in the Western Ghats. We were fortunate to see the territorial fight in Mudumalai. It was a dream for me. I and all others who love this big cat want you to further go down to South Indian forests and photograph them.I really like to see you doing it. Just as you have informed of an incident from Bandavgarh, here in North Kerala ( Malabar) we lost one five year old tiger to the fatal decision of a farmer to poison the cattle carcass the tiger had lifted and half eaten the previous night. Tiger came next night and had the poisoned flesh. He died. It was painfull to see that photo of that majestic animal lying on its side with blood vomited. I know from my own little experience that tigers are under immense pressure from the villages and traffic through even the national parks. We reported 1411 tigers left (except Sunderbans and some troubled areas) in this great country but within the last one year after the report published, evry week we hear heart-breaking stories from the Himalayan foothills to here in Kerala as what happened in the last week of December 2008. I cant imagine India and the world without her striped beauty. Thank you Michael and I am proud of you. Best Wishes.
Mrs Lucille Nicholson on 12th January 2009
What a marvellous and helpful website for all who wish to learn about the tiger in the wild. Michael, thanks for your advice about where to go in India to see the tiger and alos, more importantly, to make sure that any money spent goes to the local economy to ensure that the survival of the tiger is in the interests of the local communities. I look forward to keeping in touch as I plan many trips to India in the coming future. Mrs Nicholson, Co Durham, England.
Amanda Ferreira on 11th January 2009
Hi Again, Um iv'e never actually seen a tiger except for the zoo, i live in massachusetts, and i am only 14 years old. im sorry i couldnt be much of help. Tigers will always be my favorite animals, and i will, when im old enough travel to india and learn even more about them. But for now i wish you the best of luck in your journey to india. i admire your work greatly and will always be here supporting you. oh and next time you see a tiger, tell them theres a girl in the USA that absolutly adores them. God bless you.
Russell Cleur on 8th January 2009
Hi Michael, The shocking news about the killing of the herdsman at Bandavgarh was tragic, as was the capture of the young tiger and his relocation to a zoo. It seems that these amazing animals are slowly being forced out of their natural habitats and are now getting themselves into danger. As usual, your photographs are stunning. Keep up the good work. Perhaps you should publish a book with your pictures and commentary. Look forward to reading your next up dates which are very informative. Russell Cleur.