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Greg Roberts on 2nd July 2011
I visited your reserve in December 1990 and was thrilled then to see a total of six tigers (1 adult male, 1 female, 1 female with 3 large cubs)
Marika Krenosz on 2nd July 2011
Many Greetings from austria, you make a good work-Marika
tygrrr - the creative cat on 25th June 2011
Grreat images of a most majestic creature... thanks for sharing your passion with us all :)
Priest on 25th June 2011
This piece was cogent, well-wrtiten, and pithy.
samir burman on 25th June 2011
hi,Michael, Thanks for your contribution towards the conservation of the most beautiful creature ever made by god. amazing shots and great write ups.regarding Jhurjhura trigress episode, i was there only at that duration. that beutiful tigress killed by its own people and still no action has been taken so far. once again i thanks to you for your support regarding this case.
Nita on 19th June 2011
Hi Michael, congrats on your recent/successful trip to Ranthambore--great write up and terrific photos!
Russell on 11th June 2011
Hi Michael what wonderful shots of your recent visit to Ranthambhore. good to know that Machali is doing fine. You should publish a book chronicling the lives of these magnificent animals. keep up the great work you are doing.
Lieve Desie on 11th June 2011
Such amazing pictures you have made of these superb creatures ! The best shot's I ever saw. You are doing a great job ! So sad to hear about the tragic death of the Jhurjhura tigress, you can count on me to write to the Indian authorities to ask for explanation and investigation and to speed up the process and punish the responsibles!
Paula Siggins on 9th June 2011
Hi Michael, many thanks for the stunning shots, like this lil chap above they are all stunning shots of the most majestic Tigers..fantastic to see Machali looking so well...brilliant photography xx
anke on 8th June 2011
Great Website!Your job is fine and very interesting.You accomplish a very god job,mine regard.Nice to meet you,Anke :))
deb gungor on 7th June 2011
great sad about the tigeress and her cub,hope the other 2 do survive :) would love to visit there one day
Maninder James on 7th June 2011
You are doing a wonderful job of speaking for these beautiful creatures. Thank you for doing this for us!
Sheila Patel on 5th June 2011
We were in Bandhavgarh at the same time as you this year, we recognised the 2 cubs together. Fantastic pictures, fantastic place. Look forward to seeing more pics.
valerie on 31st May 2011
Your photos are amazing and your obvious love for these magnificient animals shines through
Judith Cavey on 31st May 2011
Michael - Ranthambore May 2011 - FANTASTIC album, beautiful shots, as always. Congratulations too on having your 'Tigress with her three cubs'listed in March edition of Wanderlust - I would have given you 1st prize!!
Sneha Honnappa on 31st May 2011
Hi Michael, beautifully made informative website with stunning pictures. I've spent past few hours looking at them, yet am not tired. I'd love to visit here again. Good work, keep going :)
rashmin kulkarni on 30th May 2011
your work is simply is through the works of dedicated professionals like you that so much visual information of these magnificent beasts is so freely available to the common man.congratulations and all the best!
Kylie Wallsgrave on 12th May 2011
Amazing Pics Micheal. What beautiful cats My Fave of the big cats. So lovely to see them in their natural habitat I hope they stay there.
Nita Mukherjee on 30th April 2011
Excellent site--both in content/links and photographs! Thanks for sharing and raising awareness!
Elaine Smith on 24th April 2011
The photo's are magnificent and awe-inspiring, so beautiful. Could look at them for hour's .