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Guest Book

Clay wilosn on 23rd April 2011
well done keep up the good work we need more people like you in the world
Paula Siggins on 22nd April 2011
Hello Micheal, your photographs are fantastic, keep up the brilliant work fighting for Tiger.& hoping the Jhurjhura Tigress gets the justice she so rightly deserves.
Russell Cleur on 26th March 2011
Hi Michael sad to hear of the death of the tigress in Bandavgarh. at least her remaining cubs can continue her line . One consolation is that she died "naturally". cant wait till your next visit to Ranthambhore. Good Luck.
Mary Pegram on 25th March 2011
Hi Michael. Your latest pictures are awesome and a credit to the wonderful work that you do. Mary Pegram
Leilani M. Luis Wilson on 2nd March 2011
Very informative site. I will certainly share your research and photographs with my FB network.
Urva on 24th February 2011
its the best site I have come are doing a great job Michael.. I wish people will understand the value of tigers soon. they are the most important element of our food chain..I am trying my best to connect as many people as I can to educate them about togers and their conservation. hope we will save them and people stop killing them. Regards....
Margi Brocklehurst on 21st February 2011
Hi Michael, such a wonderful website, I'm pleased we have connected both here and on FB
russell cleur on 21st February 2011
sad to hear about the death of T5. another valuable bredding female has gone. lets hope her cubs survive. am awaiting news of Machali with eager anticipation.
bhavni merchant on 12th February 2011
these photos here show in every way what a majestic animal this is -.....its people like you who make the difference - we hope - and pray - something does shake up for these tigers - can go thru it over and over again - simply lovely !
Paul on 7th February 2011
A wonderful site, full of great pictures and information. One to revisit often.
Daisy Tate on 30th January 2011
What wonderful pics and great work your doing to help make a difference
Maya Oosterhoff on 28th January 2011
Every effort possible must be done in order to save our precious Tigers and other endangered species from extinction. Please "humans" stop destroying and THINK!!!
tehlu singh on 23rd January 2011
it is great effort to save wild life
lola on 7th January 2011
Stop the killings, protekt the tigers. Evil and self seeking people will destroy the planet.
susan murray on 3rd January 2011
the site is truely amazing!!! your so so so lucky to go india and whatch them in natural forests wow!
Adrian on 23rd December 2010
I find this site very helpful. There are great stories in here that are bound to make a difference. Here's my contribution great video that summarizes how important this issue is. It now depends on all of us to create more awareness and save the tiger.
Carol R Hill on 23rd December 2010
Breathtaking is not good enough but that is all I can come up with. I wish I could show you the beautiful picture I have in my living room of a tiger we have just like these pictures. Thank you for sharing these beautiful animals with all of us.
Simon Thurgood on 19th December 2010
This is a great site and I wish you all my best wishes and support in your fight to save the Tiger;o)
Prachi Kurchania on 17th December 2010
Dear Micheal you are doing such a great job to save TIGERS.Your website is superb . Wish you all success in this.
Nilesh Ravel on 12th December 2010
Hi, You are doing a gtrat job, how can I get involved and enhance? I am London UK based.