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Corinne and David Taylor-Smith on 13th May 2008
Hi Michael So sorry it has taken me a while to re-write this message. Thank you for all your help with the elephant safaris and for providing us with a window on the progress of the tigers we have also seen. We were sorry to hear that the number of sightings at Bandhavgarh were down and hope that Corbett and Ranthambhore did not have the same problem. We hope to have better news from Kanha and Bandhavgarh when we return in June, we'll try to let you know. Keep up the good work, your photos are inspirational.
emily on 13th May 2008
We do need to save the tigers.
shane on 13th May 2008
Hi, i love all the pictures and i am so glad these pictures of the beautiful animal are around to remind us of what we are doing to the creature. i really hope the tiger will be around for ever for all t see in all its grace. thank you for allowing me the pleasure to view these stunning pictures. shane
Jody Williams&Cameron Jones on 7th May 2008
So pleased we grabbed your card last Wed afternoon in the depths of Ranthambhore - congratulations on the incredible images! Jody & Cameron
rosary on 1st May 2008
I appreciate you awaring people of the need to save the wonderful creature that is the tiger
Peter Holland on 22nd April 2008
Dear Michael Well I finally managed to delve into the treasures of your site. Your love of this magnificent animal and the passion you have for its future come vividly across in the awesome photographs. Keep the faith. Peter
Pat Myatt on 19th April 2008
Hello Michael. Congratulations! What a fantastic web site. The photos are amazing and the information so interesting. This is just the first of many visits to come!!
Ritesh .M. Sangani on 13th April 2008
Tigers are the most beautifull species on the earth. please try your best to save them.
SANSKRUTI MARATHE on 11th April 2008
Tigers are the most amazing and magnificant of the big cats. Any work pertaining to the Tigers, be it doumentary, research, etc, contributes to its cahnce of survival in one way or the other. Good work ! Wish you all the best.!
Brenda Oakley-Carter on 6th April 2008
What beautiful, beautiful pictures of this most amazing of animals. I'd love to see them in India - but don't think I'd be able to leave them!! We must all do our little bit and keep these amazing animals in the wild - safe, free and protected. Together we can and have to make a difference. Great site.
Melissa on 21st March 2008
Most beautiful animal on the planet
souvik on 17th March 2008
awesome!!! on eof the best i have seen till date!!! ur doing a tremendous job!!! keep it up!!!
Stewart on 9th March 2008
Thanks for an extraordinary website of amazing pictures and information
Linda Shackelford on 7th March 2008
Great website. I love the pics!
Sarah on 20th February 2008
this is an awasome website! I LOVE TIGERS!!!!!!!!!! Good job
Tina Karve on 12th February 2008
Hi Michael, your collection of photographs is really great. I was able to complete my project only b'coz of the valuable information which u have provided on the website. I'm sure this information will surely help billions around the globe. Keep it up & keep rocking!!!!!!!
reeja radhakrishnan on 3rd February 2008
Mike, Seeing your pictures made me feel very nostalgic for Bandhavgarh and Ranthambore where I spent many days looking for tigers. Pictures are great. keep up the good work.
Lisa Warren on 27th January 2008
Dear Mike, Thank you so much for letting me use one of your photos for my presentation. It will be a welcome addition to my show. Lisa Warren The Museum of Science
Anita Winter on 21st December 2007
Beautiful photographs, thanks Mike. I am sure my son will love them, keep up the good work. Merry Xmas
Carol on 20th December 2007
Wow, great work, wonderful pictures and commentary.